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            Welcome to the official website of Kaile Chemical Factory in Linhai City!
            about us

            Linhai Kaile Chemical Factory

            Kaile Chemical Factory is located in Linhai city of Zhejiang province in east of China, 30 km away from No.104 national highway, 38 km away from YongTaiWen Expressway, 70 km apart from Luqiao Airport of Taizhou city and 180 km apart from Beilun harbor of Ningbo city. The transport facilities by sea, land and air are very convenient and the environment is quiet and beautiful.

            Originally called Linhai Yongfa Chemical Factory, Kaile was established in Feb., 1994. Initially our factory only manufactured pharmaceutical intermediate--glycerin. Later, the glycerin market was greatly impacted because of the Southeast Asia financial crisis. Therefore, our factory changed our production into imidazole in 1997.

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            Welcome to our company website, we will be happy to serve you!

            Add: Shuanggangcun, Baishuiyang town, Linhai, Zhejiang, China

            Post Code: 317032

            Tel: +86-576-85884250   +86-576-85831385

            Fax: +86-576-85831385

            M. T.:+86-13357619718

            E-mail: caixm@kailechem.com

            Website: htttp://www.lewoo.cn

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